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07/06/2022 Optoma Introduces High Brightness, WUXGA Laser Projectors for Education and Corporate Environments
07/06/2022 Microsoft and Optoma Partner to Offer Cloud Based Remote Management Solution for Audio Visual Displays
01/11/2021 Optoma Unveils UHZ50, an Ultra High Performance, Affordable 4K Laser Home Theater Projector
03/10/2021 Optoma’s New ZX300 and ZW350 Projectors Shine Bright in K-12 Classrooms, Corporate Environments
21/09/2021 Optoma Announces Highest Brightness WUXGA Projector Series with Eight Interchangeable Lenses
12/09/2021 Optoma Debuts Advanced Remote Management Solution for Audio Visual Displays
02/06/2021 Optoma Expands Award-Winning ProAV LED Displays with Plug-and-Play FHDS130 SOLO LED Display
31/03/2021 Optoma Announces Vizetto as Global Partner
23/03/2021 Optoma unveils lightning-fast 240Hz, low latency UHD35 and UHD38 4K UHD gaming and home entertainment projectors
03/02/2021 Optoma Introduces World’s First Short Throw 7,000 Lumens Fixed Lens Laser Projector
19/11/2020 IlluminAid Elects Consumer Technology Industry Veterans Bob Scaglione and Maria Repole to Board of Directors
30/09/2020 Optoma Expands Award-Winning QUAD Series with Groundbreaking 163” All-In-One QUAD Direct View LED Display
08/09/2020 Optoma Sets New Standard with World’s First Compact, Fixed Lens 7,500 Lumens Laser WUXGA Projector
02/09/2020 Optoma and Joan Announce New In-Room Solution For Improving Meeting Room Environments
01/09/2020 Optoma Introduces Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Flat Panels
31/08/2020 Optoma Expands Award Winning CinemaX Series with CinemaX P2
31/08/2020 Optoma Partners with FRAMED to Deliver a New Digital Art Experience
22/06/2020 Optoma Partners with Navitar to Offer Fisheye and Ultra Long Throw Lenses for 4K UHD High Lumen ProScene Projectors
13/05/2020 Optoma Leads Market in 4K UHD and DLP Projector Sales; Racks Up Awards Across Consumer and ProAV Products
02/03/2020 Optoma Breaks New Ground with High Brightness, 1080p HD Laser Gaming and Entertainment Projectors
21/01/2020 Optoma Unveils Ultra-Bright 8,500 Lumen ProScene ZU860 Interchangeable Lens Projector With 4K Input
03/12/2019 Optoma Launches One-Click 4K UHD Wireless Display and Presentation System
04/11/2019 Optoma’s New ZW403 and ZH403 Laser Projectors Illuminate K-12 Classrooms
07/10/2019 Optoma ProScene ZK507 Delivers Powerful 4K UHD Laser Imagery and 5,000 Lumens in Compact Size
30/09/2019 Optoma Introduces Compact, High Brightness Laser Projectors for ProAV Market
30/09/2019 Optoma’s New 406 Projector Series Delivers High Performance in Lightweight, Compact Size
04/09/2019 Optoma’s Award-Winning CinemaX P1 All-In-One Smart Home Entertainment System Available for Pre-Order
03/09/2019 Optoma’s New ZH500UST and ZU500UST Laser Projectors Deliver Big, Bright Pictures from Inches Away
03/09/2019 Optoma Launches Star-Studded Line-Up of Innovative Home Theater and Gaming Projectors
02/09/2019 Optoma Introduces Bright, Flexible Projectors for Education and Professional Spaces
15/07/2019 Optoma Introduces High Brightness and High Performance 1080P Projectors for Classrooms and Meeting Rooms
08/07/2019 Optoma NuForce Launches Its New BE Free6 Truly Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0
11/06/2019 Optoma’s New ProScene ZK1050, ZK750 and ZK507 4K UHD Laser Projectors Shine Bright at InfoComm
11/06/2019 Optoma Enhances ProAV Segment with a Wide Array of Laser ProScene Projectors at InfoComm 2019
11/06/2019 Optoma Wins Two "Best of Show" Awards at InfoComm 2019
10/06/2019 Optoma Unveils Revolutionary 130” All-In-One QUAD LED Display at InfoComm
28/04/2019 Optoma NuForce and Drop Announce Drop + NuForce MOVE True Wireless IEMs
22/04/2019 Optoma Partners with Navitar to Offer Long Throw Interchangeable Lenses for ProScene ProAV Projectors
05/02/2019 Optoma Introduces Compact and Flexible ProScene ProAV Laser Projectors
07/01/2019 Optoma Unveils Its Powerful P1 4K Smart Home Entertainment System with an Ultra Short Throw and Integrated Soundbar
04/12/2018 Optoma Introduces Ultra Bright and Flexible 4K Projectors to Illuminate Professional Venues
15/10/2018 Optoma Launches NuForce BE Live2: Affordable Next-Gen Wireless Earphones for Listeners On-the-Go
08/10/2018 Optoma Introduces Adaptable, High Performance Projectors for Large Professional Environments
01/10/2018 Optoma Expands Award-Winning ProAV Offering: Now Offering Interactive Flat Panel Displays
09/09/2018 Optoma’s New ProScene ZU750 Shines Bright with 7,500 Lumens for Professional Environments
05/09/2018 Optoma Breaks New Ground with Compact, 4K Voice-Assistant Compatible Projector; Completely Portable Plug-and-Play HD Projectors
20/08/2018 Optoma Unveils NuForce BE Live5, Next-Gen Premium Wireless Earphones for any Lifestyle
31/07/2018 Optoma Introduces New Line of Flexible Projectors for Small Classrooms, Meeting Rooms and Corporate Spaces
16/07/2018 Optoma Hires Industry Veteran Sam Malik as Senior Director of Pro AV Sales
25/06/2018 Optoma Introduces NuForce BE Sport4, the Next Generation of Its Award-Winning Wireless In-Ear Sport Headphones
13/06/2018 Optoma Delivers First Home Theater Projector Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
05/06/2018 Optoma Introduces Innovative New Line of High Brightness Laser Projectors for Professional Environments
28/05/2018 Optoma Launches NuForce BE Free5 Earbuds with Audiophile-Quality Sound and True Wireless Freedom
14/05/2018 Optoma Ships World’s First, Highly Anticipated Alexa-Compatible Home Theater Projector
30/04/2018 Optoma Unveils Its ZH420UST at Digital Signage Expo: An Ultra-Innovative UST Laser ProAV Projector with Built-in Edge Blending and Warping
09/04/2018 Optoma Launches ZU660 WUXGA Laser ProScene Projector for ProAV Market
01/03/2018 Optoma Shakes Up Home Theater Market Again with Optoma UHD50 4K Projector for Under $1,500
15/02/2018 Optoma NuForce and Massdrop Announce Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 In-Ear Monitor, Bringing Audiophile Sound at a Mainstream Price
14/02/2018 Optoma Introduces 10K Lumen Laser ProScene Projector to Illuminate Large Venues
08/01/2018 Optoma NuForce Showcases New Collection of Premium, High Value NuForce Wireless Earphones at CES 2018, Delivering Incredible Sound for Mind-Blowing Value
08/01/2018 Optoma Lights Up CES with First Alexa-Enabled Home Theater Projector
04/01/2018 Optoma Introduces New Line of Powerful ProAV Projectors for Corporate and House of Worship Environments
06/12/2017 Optoma Introduces New Line of High Brightness Projectors for Classroom and Corporate Environments
08/11/2017 Optoma Introduces New Line of Flexible ProAV Short Throw Projectors for Professional Environments
31/10/2017 Optoma Signs Ma Labs as New U.S. Distributor for Data and Home Projectors
10/10/2017 Optoma Signs ASI as New U.S. Distributor for Data and Home Projectors
04/10/2017 Optoma Launches HD39Darbee 1080p Projector for Home Theater Market, Expanding its Line of Projectors Enhanced with DarbeeVision Technology
02/10/2017 Optoma Combines Hi-Fi Sound and Truly Wireless Freedom with NuForce BE Free8 Earbuds
15/08/2017 Optoma Ditches the Cords with the Ultra-Affordable NuForce BE2 Wireless Headphones
14/07/2017 Optoma Introduces New Line of Reliable, Flexible Projectors for Classroom and Corporate Environments
13/07/2017 Optoma Breaks New Entertainment Ground with IntelliGO-S1 Android-Operated, Mobile Video Projector
05/06/2017 Optoma Disrupts Home Theater Market with 4K UHD, HDR-Compatible Projector for Under $2,000
24/04/2017 Optoma Introduces Reliable, Adaptable Laser and Ultra Short Throw Projectors to Meet Education and Corporate Market Needs
23/03/2017 Optoma Launches ZU850 Dual-Laser WUXGA ProScene Projector for ProAV Market
27/01/2017 Optoma Unveils Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector for Education Market at FETC
05/01/2017 Optoma NuForce Showcases Cutting-Edge Audio Products and Technologies at CES
05/01/2017 Optoma Unveils Laser, HDR10, 4K UHD and Ultra-Short Throw Home Theater Projectors at CES 2017
17/11/2016 Optoma Launches its ZU510T-W, the Brightest Fixed Lens Laser Projector for ProAV
25/10/2016 Optoma Launches Projection Mapper App, Letting Consumers Create Professional-Level AV Shows in Their Own Home
05/10/2016 Optoma Introduces Industry-Leading NuForce BE Sport3 Premium Wireless In-Ear Headphones
26/09/2016 Optoma Introduces Ultra Short Throw HD Projector for Gaming, Movies and Sports
19/09/2016 Optoma Makes Key Hires for ProAV Channel
23/08/2016 Optoma Launches HD27 1080p Home Theater Projector, Improving Its Top-Selling High-Definition Projector Line-Up
22/08/2016 Optoma Unveils Powerhouse NuForce uDAC5 High Resolution Mobile DAC and Headphone Amp
05/07/2016 Optoma Launches HD142X 1080p Home Theater Projector, Improving on #1 Selling High-Definition Projector on Market
17/06/2016 Optoma Expands Line of Premium Headphones with NuForce BE6i Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones
08/06/2016 Optoma Unveils Breakthrough Laser Phosphor Projectors for ProAV and Home Markets
08/06/2016 Optoma Showcases ProAV Product and Application Innovation at InfoComm 2016
08/04/2016 <b>Optoma Introduces Ultra-Light, Short Throw Projector for Business and Home</b>
08/04/2016 <b>Optoma 12K Lumen Projector Now Available to Light Up Large Venues</b>
16/03/2016 <b>Optoma Demonstrates World’s First Wireless Virtual Reality HMD</b>
05/01/2016 Optoma Introduces Range of NuForce Balanced Armature Hi-Resolution Audio Earphones at CES 2016
14/12/2015 Optoma invites you to Project Your Passion at CES 2016
16/11/2015 Optoma continues to expand 1080p data business projector line
06/11/2015 Introducing the ZU650 by Optoma: A new first in Laser Illumination Technology
09/10/2015 Optoma Adds 6 New Projectors to the ProScene ProAV Series
05/10/2015 Optoma Pairs Quality Sound with Superior Crafted Design for First Wireless NuForce Headphones
29/09/2015 Optoma Announces Solution to Cable De-Clutter for Home Entertainment Systems
01/09/2015 Optoma Launches World’s First Projector with DARBEE Image Enhancement
19/08/2015 Bright, crystal clear presentations with Optoma’s new 1080p business projectors
17/06/2015 Optoma Launches World’s First 1080p Ultra Short Throw Projector
12/06/2015 Philips partners with Optoma to showcase new ground-breaking ColorSpark HLD LED technology
09/06/2015 Optoma Invites ProAV Partners to Imagine, Build and Experience Unique Projection Technology at InfoComm 2015
03/06/2015 Optoma Adds Energy Efficiency and Elegance to New Additions in its Line of NuForce High Power Amps
02/06/2015 Optoma’s New 1080p 3D Home Cinema Projector with Lens Shift is Now Available
20/05/2015 Superior Quality Presentations from New High Resolution Short Throw Projector
19/05/2015 Optoma Expands Distribution of NuForce Products for Audio Entertainment
06/05/2015 Optoma Reintroduces NuForce Primo8 In-Ear Headphones with Breakthrough Quad Balanced Armature Speaker Design
26/02/2015 Optoma Leads the 1080p Market as the #1 Selling DLP Projector Brand in the Americas
19/02/2015 DDA120 - Optoma Adds All-in-One Digital Amp to its NuForce Home Stereo Line
08/01/2015 Optoma Builds Upon its Home Cinema Offerings with the NuForce MCA20 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
06/01/2015 Optoma Continues the NuForce Legacy of High-Quality Earbuds with the Release of NE750M and the Carbon Fiber NE800M
11/12/2014 Optoma Unites Great Video and Superior Sound with the Acquisition of NuForce Brand
13/11/2014 Optoma acquires NuForce Brand and its Premium Consumer Audio Products
13/08/2014 Optoma Launches 1080p 3D Wireless HDMI System
12/06/2014 Optoma to Showcase Advanced Projection Technology at InfoComm 2014
22/04/2014 Optoma Offers Lens Options and Launches the X605
28/03/2014 Optoma Named Official Sponsor at the 74th Annual National School Board Association Conference
12/06/2013 Optoma Debuts New Feature-Rich, Full-3D Line of Projectors for the Budget-Conscious Users
06/05/2013 Short Throw Projector Features Improved Interactivity and Added Brightness for Meeting Rooms and Classrooms
25/03/2013 Optoma Adds More Power to Lamp-Free Projector Line