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Optoma’s interactive displays are designed to fit the needs of teachers and students seamlessly. By listening to educators and gathering customer feedback, Optoma creates solutions that remove the challenging barriers facing teachers today. The result; intuitive user-friendly software to work in harmony with the way you educate.

- Create. Connect. Teach.

Google EDLA Certification

With Google EDLA certification, the Optoma 5-Series interactive displays offer seamless integration with the Google ecosystem, including Google Workspace and the entire Microsoft 365 suite. Teachers can easily access their Google accounts, files, and collaborative tools directly from the display.

Hybrid learning - teach beyond the classroom

Teach in real-time, no matter the location of the student.

Optoma’s Creative Touch 5-Series displays are perfectly suited to the ever-changing needs of educational environments.

Designed to support distance learning, Optoma’s Creative Touch 5-Series allows students to work together in real time from home, in the classroom or anywhere, maximizing engagement in remote and hybrid learning environments. With the ability to connect to webcams along with Optoma’s unique software, the Creative Touch 5-Series provide the ultimate collaboration solution for education.

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Create, connect and collaborate

Designed for hybrid working - Whiteboard provides smart collaboration and connectivity for any classroom.

Creative sharing is easy with a ready-to-use whiteboard featuring built-in annotation tools to facilitate collaboration and an infinity canvas for limitless creativity. The feature-packed Whiteboard brings tools such as rulers, 3D shapes, and even robust import options right at your fingertips.

Whiteboard is optimized for Google Classroom integration, bringing you instantly closer to your class materials that allows your infinite canvas to grow with you.

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Instant access to the Whiteboard

Change at a stroke

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Ultra-versatile quick launch pen created for teachers

Start any lesson in seconds.

Simply take the pen from the holder and the Whiteboard app or annotation mode will launch automatically. For the ultimate convenience, teachers can customize the functionality of the pen and tailor it to their daily needs.

The quick launch pen features a dual-tip, enabling teachers to switch between note taking and highlighting in just about any color – ensuring lessons flow with ease.

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Student using IFPD and Google Classroom to highlight text on a science diagram whilst other students watch.
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Sync with Google Classroom

Use the tools you are already familiar with

Teachers can easily create and import lesson materials anywhere. Your Optoma display integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom bringing the benefits of paperless sharing and digital collaboration to the classroom. Teachers can now work on their lesson plans from home, and instantly bring them to any classroom.

Connect across platforms

Connect any device. Wirelessly broadcast, share or stream your content to the big screen with Display Share. Screen mirror high-quality images, video, documents and audio from your smartphone, laptop or PC – all with a touch of a button. Bringing your own device has never been easier.

Screen mirroring between IFP, tablet and laptop.
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Share content between classrooms
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Screen mirroring
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Connect anytime, anywhere

Remotely manage your IFPDs, projectors, LED displays and more. Set alerts, schedule tasks or settings and broadcast announcements. Optoma’s Management Suite (OMS)™ solution is perfect for easy management and control from any location for all your compatible Optoma devices and also integrate existing products, from any brand, via PJ-Link.

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Broadcast announcements
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Monitor and control
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Creating success

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Sussex Learning Trust

Optoma interactive displays are being adopted and utilized in new and exciting ways.

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Brandenburg Schönefeld

Digital transformation in classrooms with Optoma’s Creative Touch 5-Series interactive displays.

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Learn about features, benefits, and set-up guides to help you to get the most out of your Optoma interactive display.

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