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CARES ACT Eligible Education Solutions

Solutions for Hybrid Learning and Hi Flex environments during COVID-19 and future technology investment. Utilize funds to upgrade your classroom and learning facilities.

Applicable in the U.S. only.

Learn how Optoma's CARES Act eligible interactive flat panels and laser projectors can maximize in-class and remote learning.

Optoma Creative Touch Interactive Flat Panel displays and laser projectors are the perfect cornerstones of hybrid or distance learning environments.

Compatible with all major platforms, software and peripheral hardware – Creative Touch displays are intuitive to use, easy to deploy and an affordable solution to contemporary challenges facing educators and schools.

Optoma Creative Touch Interactive Flat Panels

Packed with useful annotation tools, along with extensive connectivity and wireless content sharing, Optoma’s Creative Touch interactive flat panels combine 4K UHD resolution and up to 20-point multi-touch capabilities to provide vivid visuals and make interactive collaboration easy in classrooms and lecture halls.

Interactive Flat Panels Teacher using an interactive flat panel to highlight areas on a building model for students

Optoma Laser Projectors

Optoma offers a wide variety of throw ratios and brightness levels that cater perfectly to your classroom and auditorium needs. Whether you’re renovating a classroom, replacing an existing projector or a new project, there’s an Optoma projector to transform your ordinary learning experience.

Optoma Education Solutions Science teacher projecting an image of DNA using a short throw projector for students to see.

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* Applicable in the U.S. only