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Industry House of Worship
Region Charlotte, NC
Type of Solution
Installation Company
Blended Optoma projectors bring stunning visuals to worship experience at North Side City Church with the two ProScene ZU750 laser interchangeable lens projectors.

Blended Optoma Projectors Deliver Ultra-wide Images to House of Worship

The Challenge

North Side City Church, located in Charlotte, NC wanted to provide a captivating worship experience with a large, ultra-wide display placed above the presenter, but had a limited budget that could not accommodate the high costs of direct view LED displays. Given the need for an ultra-wide display, a blended projection solution that was dependable and bright enough with installation flexibility was needed. Pastor Jerry Chadwick turned to John Sears, founder of Sears Audio & Video, to assemble and install a visual solution that best suited the church.

The Solution

Consulting Optoma, Sears Audio & Video recommended a pair of Optoma ZU750 laser interchangeable lens projectors, which delivers 7,500 ANSI lumens of brightness with a WUXGA resolution. The interchangeable lens support enabled Sears Audio & Video to select the right lens for the church’s installation location. The integrated edge-blending and brightness correction functions enabled Sears Audio & Video to create a seamless, ultra-wide image that provides the same look as an LED wall at a fraction of the cost.

The Results

“The reason we chose the projector blend is that we wanted the look of a LED wall but our budget wouldn’t permit it,” said Pastor Chadwick. “Sears Audio & Video suggested to go with a projector blend, so that is what we did!”

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