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Reference class earphones

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Reference class earphones

Primo8 earphones offer music enthusiasts, gamers and professionals the sound quality of reference-class, high end, full-size speakers. Like professional large speakers, the advanced technology embedded in the Primo8 uses a set of high resolution micro drivers that produce incredibly spacious sound and rich bass. The four balanced armature drivers in each earphone deliver a smooth, fatigue-free sound regardless of the device to which they are connected.


Reference-class, high-end speaker sound quality
Smooth, fatigue-free sound with eight balanced armature drivers
Impressive frequency range - high resolution micro drivers for rich bass and clear highs
Superior noise isolation from Comply™ memory foam premium earbuds

Impressive audio performance

The Primo8 earphones reveal a whole new element of musical space to music lovers, redefining the standard for premium portable sound. Impressive care and attention has been given to the finer details including build materials, inner wires, specially shaped housing and unique design of the eight miniature speakers. This combination of features creates a sound field most often associated with professional audio systems.


Premium design

The Primo8 earphones are designed to produce distortion-free, studio-quality audio. The precision moulded housing holds a set of micro-drivers, each covering a specific range of sound. This produces the frequency range necessary for high resolution sound that extends from the deepest bass to the highest note. The pairing of balanced armature speakers and patent pending technology delivers spacious, detailed and fatigue-free sound at any volume level.


Superior comfort

For maximum comfort, we’ve included two types of earbuds in a range of sizes so you can be assured of a snug, slip-free fit. These include Comply™ memory foam premium earbuds which shape themselves to fit perfectly in the ear canal, offering superior isolation from noise and creating incredible bass response.


Clear, powerful sound

With a resin shell and metal inner layer, the Primo8 earphones are free from micro-dynamic vibrations to give an outstanding sound quality.


Secure fit

The casing design ensures premium comfort and the ear hangers on the Primo8 can be shaped precisely for each individual ear. This means the earphones stay secure so you’ll hardly notice them as you move around. The Primo8 cord is equipped with quick-snap connection to the earpieces and can be replaced or upgraded in seconds.


Great on the go

These earphones are great on the go; with a long 1.3m tangle-free cord and smartphone compatible inline remote, that lets you pause, move back and forth or skip tracks and answer and end calls with one-touch ease. They also come with a luxury carry case for added convenience.


All weather listening

These earphones are designed for all weather listening to support an active lifestyle.


The Primo8 are able to reproduce musical performance in the way that a professional full range speaker does. These reference class earphones with four-driver design, deliver the most effective way to route the sound and frequencies to each of the eight miniature speakers. A linear phase network is able to maintain the right note, at the right time and in the correct frequency to be played at all times. This generates bass from two drivers while dedicating the other drivers to generate the mid and very high end frequencies.

To ensure absolute precision, a first order Butterworth alignment arrangement is used to control the timing in which the sound is emitted by the miniature speakers. This technique is typically used by professional speaker and electronic manufacturers. Carefully weighted and executed, the division of tones and frequencies is able to create a sense of freely forming music without strain or artificiality.

The Primo8’s reference performance calls for the best connection and delivery from a source. A hybrid silver/copper-conductor has been tailored specifically for the Primo8. In fact, almost as much care and attention has been lavished on the design of the cable as on the earphones themselves, further enhancing and tuning the tonal balance to perfection.

Balanced armature drivers

A balanced armature driver is superior to a single dynamic driver as it doesn’t flex and creates distortion. Developed to attain the highest level of clarity and neutrality the armature drivers far exceed the accuracy of the single driver (inner speaker) found in most headphones and earphones. The Primo8 uses four such drivers for each ear, imitating the working of a full range professional speaker. Due to the miniature size of the armature driver a number of drivers can be combined together to create a full range sound field. The result is an astonishing life-like, lush and accurate sound that is able to maintain clarity even at the highest volume levels and retrieve critical details at very low volume levels.

Linear-phase crossover

To harness the best results from the use of 8 in ear speakers in the Primo8, a patent pending crossover mechanism has been adopted. An innovative phase linear mechanism in the form of a 1st order Butterworth crossover design was chosen to distribute frequencies and maintain the sound in the correct phase at all time. Not only is this unique set up able to accurately and perfectly assign the frequency to the appropriate driver (bass frequency to the bass driver etc) it also ensures that the diaphragm movement of each driver is coordinated between all eight inner drivers. Careful attention to materials and technology used in the Primo 8 has resulted in the most accurate delivery of the sound to the listener’s ear. The combined result creates a sound stage that is wider and deeper eliminating the illusion of sound centred between the ears and placing the music across and even in front of the listeners.


Expert reviews

May 2016

uDAC5: “This is one of the smallest and lightest high resolution  DACs on the market.” 

“It is really nicely made.  It gave so much more weight to the music.”

Primo8: “These are beautifully designed.”

“These sound fantastic plugged straight into your device but with the uDAC5 it brings it to a whole new level – it seemed to bring out so much more detail in the audio.”

“Together they created an amazing listening experience.”

“If you are looking to improve your audio listening, this is well worth checking out.”

December 2015

What to expect when listening to these exclusively distinct earphones is a light airy presentation full of space. A midrange that is dependent on a good recording but has the ability to sound oh so suburb like liquid silk running through your soul. The bass line is quick but has a nice amount of rumble on bass heavy tracks it lacks body but on acoustic and orchestral pieces just sounds ridiculously organic and natural.

Summarising these earphones won’t be a hard thing to do. Simply put they will be some audiophiles dream.


HiFi Wigwam
HiFi Wigwam
December 2015

“NuForce have spared no expense with the packaging here, you do get a real pride of ownership experience as you fight your way in.”

“The first thing I notice listening to them is an eerie sense of space. They put me in mind of a pair of big, expensive open back Sennheisers like the  HD800′s…You get an expansive open sound that goes totally against expectation from an ear bud.”

“Tonally they are very nice; nice for me means fairly neutral and accurate”

“The Nu Force are an S Class Mercedes. You know where all that money went: refinement.”
November 2015

“For $399, the Optoma NuForce Primo8 comes with an excellent array of accessories, and, as advertised, sounds like a flat-response, reference pair.”

“The earphones are bright, clear, and crisp.”
October 2015

Awarded 'Very good' by German publication:

“Primo8 is the most comfortable headphone that we have ever had tested.”
“It can easily compete with the Westone W60 (1000€) or Shure 846, which are much more expensive.”
“The sound of Primo8 is close to the sound of Shure 846, but it is much more natural.”

June 2015

The Five Best Earphones (According to Me)

June 2015

Look around on the Internet and you’ll find innumerable lists of the best five or six or ten of a given type of product. It’s wise to be skeptical of such lists. Their compilers may or may not have any real knowledge of their subjects, and may not even have actually tried every item on a list. Still, I often Google things like “best hybrid cars” or “best torque wrenches” or “best coffeemakers” or “best bass amps.” I sometimes get good advice, and at the very least, I usually find out about a few products I wasn’t aware of. So in that spirit, this month I offer my list of the five earphones that have most impressed me as delivering outstanding sound for the price.


The Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror
April 2015

5 star review in the UK national newspaper:

“While most in-ears commonly feature a single driver, the Primo8s pack four balanced armature drivers in each earpiece. With a single driver each for the mids and treble, the remaining two deal with bass frequencies, cleverly addressing the usually disappointing low range performance of this type of headphone.”

“There’s a pair of Comply memory foam tips in the box that fit securely, even when jogging.  Once snug, the Primo8’s performance was indeed revelatory, delivering a range of wide detail rarely experienced with any sort of earphones, let alone in-ears.”

“Both clean and revealing, yet full of low end and mids, I picked out elements I’d never noticed before in familiar tracks.”

“The precise, unexaggerated tone the Primo8’s deliver lives up to their growing reputation.”
February 2015

NO. 3 Nuforce Primo 8

NuForce’s Primo 8 nail exactly what we’ve been looking for in a high-end in-ear headphone
Features Sound Isolating, In-Line Microphone
Release Price $499.99
Weight 19.3 grams
Color Black/Blue
Form Factor In-ear
Pros: Incredible detail, definition, clarity and realism , Best bass we’ve heard from armatures yet…
Cons: Look may not suit everyone , Odd shape may not fit all users ,

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Driver type
Balanced Armature (4 per each ear)
Number of driver(s)
4 per each ear (8 total)
Crossover type
Linear Phase 1st order Butterworth alignment


Frequency response
118dB +/-3dB
Connector type
3.5mm (4 pole-stereo)
Cable length
1.3 metres
38 Ohm
Maximum input power
Maximum input sound level
Connections input
3.5mm (4 pole-stereo)
Driver type
Balanced Armature (4 per each ear)
Number of driver(s)
4 per each ear (8 total)
Crossover type
Linear Phase 1st order Butterworth alignment

Weight and dimensions

0lb 0.7oz

In the box

Standard accessories
2 pairs of Comply™ memory foam premium earbuds (sizes M, L)
8 pairs of silicone ear buds(S,
M, L, XL), 130cm detachable
cable with microphone (An
optional non-mic cable
accessory is available for
purchase), 3.5mm to 6.5mm
adapter and one airline
adapter, Primo 8 leather
pouch, cleaning tool, microfiber
cleaning cloth


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