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Powerful integrated digital amp with Bluetooth receiver

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DDA120Powerful integrated digital amp with Bluetooth receiver

Powerful integrated digital amp with Bluetooth receiver

DDA120 was developed for one simple purpose: To allow you to enjoy music from any source in fantastic quality. Its diminutive size and elegant styling conceal a sophisticated amplifier capable of extracting every last detail and nuance from your music collection. The DDA120 builds on the success of its predecessor the critically acclaimed, multi award winning DDA100.


Fantastic audio quality
Small and elegant design
Connect all your digital and analogue music devices
Massively powerful

Digital purity

Free your digital music collection – connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to play music stored on your smartphone or tablet, stream music from services such as Spotify or listen to your favorite music service. Additionally four digital inputs enable you to connect all your other digital devices making the DDA120 the hub of your digital music system. The minimalist Direct Digital architecture maintains the purity of your digital music - resulting in a perfectly transparent, dynamic and exquisitely detailed sound.


Analogue integrity

Whether playing your vinyl collection, hooking up an FM tuner or another non-digital source, your analogue music is treated with respect. Using an ultra-high quality conversion process it follows the same minimalist processing as your digital music and so maintains its original distinctive character.


Power and control

Any hi-fi speakers you choose will be driven with ease. The massive power available is used to effortlessly control your speakers with astounding precision ensuring you hear the recording exactly as the artist intended.


Owners of the DDA120 who wish to connect their DDA120 to a music server are advised to load the USB2 driver from the DDA120 download section.

For the very highest wireless Bluetooth sound quality the DDA120 supports aptX and AAC.

AptX allows music signal to be sent wirelessly in significantly higher quality than that available from standard Bluetooth. Standard Bluetooth codec (SBC) has variable performance and its weaknesses are very apparent to music lovers including a reduction in high end clarity, muddiness or dullness. The aptX codec works to ensure consistently excellent quality when music data is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth connection with almost CD quality. Your will instantly experience significantly greater dynamics and infinitely more detail from the music.

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) was designed to achieve better sound quality than MP3 at similar bit rates. Unlike aptX, it is supported by iOS devices. Apple implements AAC over Bluetooth at about 250 kbps - near CD quality.

Using the innovative Direct Digital architecture for digital inputs there are no analogue stages in the signal path, keeping music in the digital domain right up to the amplifier speaker outputs. There is no separate DAC, pre-amp or power amp stages. The PWM power amplifier stage is modulated directly by the incoming signal, and the digital-to-analogue conversion takes place at the speaker outputs. In effect, the PWM power amplifier stage operates as a power DAC. Fewer component parts and less conversion processes result in a more direct, purer signal path. The Direct Digital Architecture utilizes a 176.4 kHz input sampling rate with an over-sampling rate of 3GB/s for smoother, more natural reproduction. An on-chip clock reference signal is used for synchronizing and re-clocking incoming digital audio data for exceptionally low jitter performance.

Analogue inputs are sampled using a 24-bit, 96 kHz conversion process before being fed into the Direct Digital architecture.

The amplifier delivers 75Wrms into 4 Ohms with a remarkably linear frequency and phase response of +/- 0.1dB from 20 to 20kHz, and a THD+N of 0.07% with an A-weighted signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 95dB.


Expert reviews

The absolute sound
The absolute sound
April 2016

Winner of the 2016 the absolute sound Editor´s Choice Awards:

"The DDA-120 was made for audiophiles who need a moderately priced, single-box amp/preamp to connect any conventional digital source to a pair of loudspeakers. If your speakers are at least 88dB sensitive and you can work around the DDA-120’s ergonomic limitations, you may find that it is simply the best-integrated amplifier you’ve heard.”


June 2015

Optoma NuForce DDA120 Direct Digital Integrated Amplifier-DAC

June 2015

NuForce, the California-based audio brand best known for their proprietary class-D power amplifiers, was recently acquired by Optoma Technology, known to many as a major maker of DLP projectors. Also recently, the high-end division of NuForce was spun off as a new company, NuPrime, which will manufacture more expensive products, such as the amplifiers based on NuForce’s high-end, class-D amplifier modules with Cross Matrix Array (CMA) capacitor boards.

NuForce itself will continue to manufacture less costly products, but gone from their product line are many of the very small models -- e.g., the Icon integrated amplifiers -- which were popular for use with desktop systems. However, NuForce continues to offer compact stereo and home-theater components, and high-quality earphones. Thankfully, my favorite NuForce product, the DDA-100 Direct Digital integrated amplifier (discontinued), now lives on as the DDA120, which adds some key new features and a slight increase in price, from $549 to $699 USD.


Watt magazine
Watt magazine
May 2015

Awarded 4 stars

Translated review:

Compact and flexible amplifier
"If you are interested in setting up a super compact system in your living room, NuForce DDA120 is one place to start."

"The front panel is very simple with only a volume knob, and a few light-diodes showing input and volume. With a digital amplifier, nothing is converted to analogue until it reaches the speaker outputs. This is positive for the sound quality."

" can show a pretty large sound field, and it performs way better than expected by an amplifier this size. It is of course very easy to connect and to use."

"The sound is surprisingly controlled and precise, and very well balanced. The bass response is bigger and more voluptuous than you would think, the mids are alive and dynamic, and the treble has just the right amount of energy and detail."

"...this is after all a product at a very reasonable price and that has everything you need for today’s digital music-reproduction.
One competitor we need to take into consideration is of course the more affordable NAD D3020. This is a hard nut to crack for DDA120, and it just about manages to do so."

"It sounds good enough, it has the features, and it looks good. Its compact exterior makes it easy to position, and it can easily be hidden away in a bookshelf. Not a bad buy, actually. A strong 4 out of 6 stars."

Watt thinks:
"DDA120 is an interesting and exciting choice in a digital world of music. Well worth a try"

Owner reviews

UK release date?
Clive Peterson, London, March 2015.Purchased from -
Heard this amp in a show, I can’t believe such a small box can play such large sound. The amp played with speakers from monitor audio and sounded amazing. Is it available in the UK?
Brutally, beautifully revealing.
Dr. Dan Ostergren, Colorado, November 2017.Purchased from Amazon
Gain clones? Had ‘em. 3 watt SET amps I built myself? Love ‘em. Class A SS amps? Yep. Active reference recording monitors? Sure - fantastic! However, when paired with my current efficient and sensitive custom horn speakers (two-way Crites “CornScalas” Type D), the DDA-120 is the fastest and most detailed amp I’ve ever heard. I’ve had guests actually wince, listening at moderate levels, to percussion transients. Is this a good thing? As a recording engineer for 40+ years, I’m generally more than fine with it. But for “Sonos and Chill” sessions, I’ll put an iFi iTube2 upstream in the signal chain to calm things down a notch and add a touch of space and LF punch. Just a smidge. Either way, the DDA-120 is unquestionably the best integrated amp I’ve ever owned. It’s versatile, stunning to behold, and represents one simple idea: the shortest and most accurate path from the signal source to your speakers.

Nits to pick: I’ve lost the tiny remote a couple times (for like, 5 minutes); one has to be pretty much right on axis for the remote to work (no doubt a result of the perforated metal front panel); to turn the status lights off, you must press the correct buttons on the remote then wait a couple seconds. Oh heavens! Such a burden! ;-)

The design teams got essentially everything right sonically and visually. And right now (end of 2017), you can find this gem for a ridiculously low price with minimal search effort. This will be a classic “sleeper” audio product that the industry will remember (ask Bruce Swedien), and if you fail to obtain one before it evolves out of the product line, well, I’m sorry for ya.


Power output
50W per channel (8Ohm) 75W per channel (4Ohm)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)
241 x 51 x 216
USB sampling rates
SPDIF sampling rates
44.1,48, 88.2, 96, 176.4kHz
Supported HD audio
Connections input
Analogue RCA, USB2.0-B, S/PDIF coaxial 75Ohm, 2xToslink, 1xUSB-A expansion For BT receiver


Power output
50W per channel (8Ohm) 75W per channel (4Ohm)
Peak power output
250W per channel
Maximum sampling rate
Bit resolution
Digital 11.625dB, Analogue 31dB
Frequency response
20Hz-20kHz, +/- 0.1dB
Digital 0dB input, Analouge .047Vrms
Signal to noise ratio
>95dB A-wighted
Power supply
0.07% @ 15W
Power consumption
Connector type
Output 4way speakers binding posts
Native bit rate
USB sampling rates
SPDIF sampling rates
44.1,48, 88.2, 96, 176.4kHz
Connections input
Analogue RCA, USB2.0-B, S/PDIF coaxial 75Ohm, 2xToslink, 1xUSB-A expansion For BT receiver
Connections output
Toslink, Speakers posts L+R
Connections control
IR control


Supported HD audio

Weight and dimensions

2lb 10.3oz
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)
241 x 51 x 216

In the box

Standard accessories
IR remote control, Power cord, Manual


Black, Silver


Verified owner