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Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

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BE6iWireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

The BE6i is the next evolution of the award-winning BE6 – which achieved numerous awards and accolades, including a ‘Recommended’ award from, 4 stars from The Daily Mirror and also featured the BE6 in their list of the ‘10 best Bluetooth headphones’.

The BE6i takes the same stylish design as the BE6 but offers an incredible battery life of up to 8 hours. They are also IPX5 certified for greater protection from rain and sweat. The BE6i are the only Bluetooth® in-ear headphones to be fully crafted from aluminium, which provides crystal-clear sound and elegant design in a lightweight form-factor, making them durable and attractive for all lifestyles. In addition, the headphones feature Bluetooth with aptX® and AAC compatibility, for the ultimate quality in audio streaming.


Ultimate sound quality

Featuring Bluetooth with AAC and aptX® compatibility for iPhone®, Android™ and Windows®

More listening time

Incredible battery life of up to 8 hours

Ultra-lightweight solid metal casing

Better sounding, tougher, water-resistant (IPX5 certified)

Rock solid wireless performance

Cordless experience with exceptional 30 metre Bluetooth® range

Superior sound on the go

  • aptX® - the BE6i are compatible with aptX, which allows users to listen to CD-quality music wirelessly in much higher quality than offered from the standard Bluetooth codec. aptX is supported by the latest Android, Windows smartphones, and PCs.
  • AAC - BE6i in-ear headphones support AAC, which provides the best listening experience when playing music from Apple devices and a variety of other sources such as YouTube, DAB radio and other streaming services.

Non-stop music and calls

The BE6i can play music and take phone calls continuously for up to eight hours and are equipped with an in-line remote control that can skip tracks, engage Siri or Google Voice and activate Bluetooth pairing mode. And with a 30 meter range you can even leave your phone or tablet on the floor whilst you focus on your workout.


IPX5 water-resistant

With a rating of IPX5, the BE6i in-ear headphones are weather resistant, ensuring protection from rain and sweat – making them ideal for any active lifestyle.


Freedom to move

For ultimate comfort and a secure fit during outdoor activities or sports, a wrap-around neckband, clip and silicone ear wings are included with the BE6i. Bluetooth® means you won’t need to worry about wires getting in the way as you move.


Comfortable fit

  • Proprietary NuForce silicone ear tips - five sets of custom designed silicone ear tips are included with the BE6i in-ear headphones. Three sets are slightly shorter than average ear tips offering greater comfort when used for prolonged periods. The other three sets are longer - designed for improved noise isolation and a secure fit for an active lifestyle.
  • Comply™ soft foam ear tips - two sets of heat activated memory foam ear tips are included. They expand to fit the ear canal for a secure fit and improved noise isolation. Replacement Comply tips are available for purchase online. Users should look for the Comply 500 series variants.

Newly developed and patented 10mm driver

This large driver eliminates unwanted reverberations for distortion-free sound even at high volume levels.


Elegant styling

Available in grey and gold, the BE6i in-ear headphones are matched with Apple and other leading smart devices.


The BE6i benefit from a host of new parts designed to make them an even more complete in-ear headphone both in and out of the home. An IPX5 certified in-line remote has been added. This means it is dust proof and water resistant to enhance protection while used outdoors. The extra capacity has allowed for a larger battery with an increase of 25% to play time.

The BE6i contains a large driver to eliminate unwanted reverberations by using a high-grade titanium, magnesium and inert metal that is used to form a thin nano-layer over its surface. This precise mixture, along with the help of a circumferential copper ring, allows the driver to maintain optimal structural integrity for distortion-free sound even at high volume levels. The patented driver selected for the BE6i is designed to maintain a constantly accurate impedance curve, resulting in improved sound quality from any source. This has the added benefit of extending battery life.

The latest Bluetooth technology offers faster connection and superior bandwidth. aptX will transfer content at up to CD quality sound between source and BE6i resulting in greater separation between channels, improved imaging and the elimination of transmission error. aptX is fully compatible with all other previous Bluetooth versions.

To further enhance the sound quality AAC processing is used to increase the sound quality of lower resolution audio tracks from the likes of iTunes, YouTube, DAB radio transmission and online streaming services.


Expert reviews

Mobile Tech Talk
Mobile Tech Talk
February 2017

Mobile Tech Talk awarded the BE6i

  • 8.5/10 for design
  • 9/10 value and price
  • 9.5/10 for build quality and sound
  • Overall 9.1/10

“So sound wise, how are they? Honestly, I was blown away.”

“I could hear everything, and the amount of stereo separation and instrumental separation in these was just so much better than I could have ever expected.”

“My ears weren’t fatigued, they didn’t have an uncomfortable level of heat or sweat, and there wasn’t a weird vacuum type effect when eventually pulling them out after hours of use, so bravo Optoma”

Headphones Review
Headphones Review
December 2016

“Headphones like the OPTOMA NuForce BE6i Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones deliver excellent sound, with a real crisp clear range and great bass notes.”
December 2016

“Decent sound quality, rich of equipment and a beautiful design, make the NuForce BE6i  a must-have purchase.”

Deals + Reviews
Deals + Reviews
November 2016

"You won’t find better at this price"

“They offer a deep and responsive sound that’s hard to find at this price, have an excellent build quality and are shipped with 7 sets of earbuds which means you can adjust them for a comfortable long listen session at home or so they don’t fall out in the gym.”

“To our ears, they deliver excellent performance for all types of music – a rarity for Bluetooth headphones in this price range!”


Headphone guru
Headphone guru
October 2016

"Overall, these IEMs have hit all the right notes. They offer a very strong performing wireless experience without dropouts, or difficulty of setting up. They are comfortable and can be used for hours without a hint of fatigue. They offer outstanding noise isolation and are built like little tanks and sound really, really good! And best yet, the come in at only $129.99."

Lansare Info
Lansare Info
October 2016

Lansare Info awarded the BE6i 5 out of 5 stars.  It said:  “From my point of view, these headphones are a good investment for people who are very active and want to be able to listen to their favourite music all day.”

“Sound quality is flawless, I think the best headphones In-Ear we've tested so far. Simply, I have not found any defects to mention in this article.”
September 2016

"You get a great sound in your ears with the NuForce BE6i Bluetooth in-ear headphones, made of full aluminum by Optoma. The NuForce BE6i does not only convince with its attractive design and functionality, a truly stunning sound can also not be denied with these headphones. A strong bass accompanied by clear and clean mid and high tones, the sound quality is clean and pleasant in every moment…”
September 2016

“The NuForce BE6i provide a good and clear sound.”

“Once you select the right earbuds the NuForce BE6i provide a pleasant listening-experience.”
September 2016

"If you’ve struggled to find a good wireless Bluetooth earbud for your workout (they’re waterproof!), your commute, or for streaming Netflix while your partner is passed out next to you in bed or the baby is sleeping, I wholeheartedly recommend them, for both men and women."

"Whatever size your ears, the silicone wings keep them in, or you can try out the various sizes of Comply Soft Foam covers that are included, which can help you get a good fit too."
September 2016

“The BE6i is my wireless wakeup call. It sounds good, works nearly flawlessly, comes with a great accessory set. It proves that wireless earphones can be painless and good sounding.”

“If you fell for the iPhone 7 and are looking to break up your Apple-only suite of accessories, the grey BE6i should look great next to the space grey model. The other one should look brilliant with just about anything.”

September 2016

The first pair of in-ear headphones on this list, these were presumably designed with running in mind, given that they're very very light (just 19g), and IPX5 resistant to water. However, they are also good enough to use as everyday headphones, thanks to sterling audio, with Apt-X and AAC compatibility.

"There's enough bass and clarity to keep most listeners more than happy, especially given the compact size, light weight and reasonable (for Bluetooth earphones) price."

T3 rating 4/5
August 2016

“The NuForce BE6i are a very good quality and enjoyable sounding pair of earphones. They offer an appealing, stylish design, excellent build quality and a sonic signature that is quite admirable for the $129.00 MSRP. The fact that they are wireless, have an above average signal range and battery life, and are comfortable and easy to use is a remarkable level of icing to be having on this cake. These earbuds actually realigned my expectations for a product of this class. If you are in the market for new earbuds and the thought of going wireless is an interesting proposition, I suggest that you do yourself a favor and try out the NuForce BE6i. You may come away as surprised as I was.”

HiFi Pig
HiFi Pig
August 2016

I strongly believe this is a cleverly thought-out and designed product, that I even bought one. For £100 this is an extremely good value product and sounds very natural, with nothing sounding out of place. Considering the technology limitations and having heard a number of Bluetooth® IEMs in recent years, this is a good buy from a company with a heritage of excellent earphones that go a lot more expensive.

These were exceptionally comfortable for long periods, the lightweight unit of remote/battery/microphone, not pulling at all when moving at high speed.

At £100 these are good quality IEMs in terms of sound quality, and adding to this their Bluetooth® capability make them highly recommended in terms of value for money

T3 Middle East
T3 Middle East
August 2016

T3 Middle East gave the BE6i in-ear headphones 4 stars and said:

“Performance-wise, the BE6i does deliver a crisp-sounding experience that offers clarity across all tones. Bass isn’t too overpowering which can be both a pro and a con depending on how deep you want your LFE to sound. For me, the BE6i strikes a good balance on treble and bass and I enjoyed every song I fed though the headphones.”

“Overall, Optoma’s NuForce BE6i improves upon its predecessor in every way, and stands as one of our favourite wireless headphones.”
August 2016

“Optoma NuForce BE6i Bluetooth in-ears with long battery runtime and good sound quality.”

“The battery ran for almost nine hours during our test, which is one hour longer than the specifications. A plus point for the BE6i is that the battery status/ level is shown on the display of the smartphone via Bluetooth protocol. Not all Bluetooth devices support this function!”

“The sound quality is crystal clear and the bass has an exceptionally good effect. Whether classical or heavy metal music the in-ears hold very tight and the ambient noise level is almost completely silent once you have selected the right earbuds. Also, speaking on the phone works without any problems over longer distances."
July 2016

“If you’ve already experienced the greatness that is the Optoma NuForce BE6, then chances are you would like the Optoma NuForce BE6i even better.”

“…the battery life has been boosted to 8-hours (the original model had 6-hours of battery life), and it now has an IPX5 certification so that it can fight off dust, sweat, and rain.”

“…you will be able to get a balanced audio signature that is practically good for all types of music. It is able to retain good clarity even when listening at high, unwise volume levels. The bass levels are also well-controlled as well.”
July 2016

“The Optoma Nuforce BE6i remain one of our favorite in-ear wireless headphones for the price. It offers good sound, build quality and battery life in its segment, and is an improvement over the already excellent BE6.”

“If you're looking for a pair of wireless in-ear headphones that can survive a strenuous work out, the NuForce BE6i should be on the top of your list of headphones to try.”

“The balanced sound signature means the BE6i sounds good with all types of music, retaining good clarity up top and controlled bass.”
July 2016

BE6i named “Best For: Outdoor Recreation” in a round-up by on the “Best Workout Headphones".

“A notable upgrade from its well-received predecessor…”

“Improved audio is spearheaded by the brand’s Comply soft foam ear tips that bring superior isolation to block ambient noise…”

“Optoma’s housed the earphones in an attractive aluminum housing with water-resistant properties to maintain its gorgeous appearance even after several accounts of rain or sweat abuse.”
July 2016

“The new NuForce BE6i Wireless Headphones take what was well-liked about the BE6s and don’t mess much with a good thing. Instead, they’ve added to the battery life, now featuring eight hours compared with the previous sixish and also boast a new IPX5 water-resistance rating meaning they’re sweat-proof rather than just splash-proof.”

“The BE6is also utilize Bluetooth version 4.1, which means full support for both aptX and AAC and thus high-resolution audio.”

“Available in either a two-tone gray design or a classy white and gold color scheme, either way you’re looking at some of the sleeker wireless earbuds that are IPX rated.”
July 2016

"Optoma’s custom drivers and their superior build quality add a lot of value, and make me feel like these are rare Bluetooth in-ears that would last me for a solid two to three years, or more. I think $130 is an excellent price, and I’d put the BE6i up near the top of the list of Bluetooth in-ears with confidence because of it."

"The BE6i are a really well-built pair of in-ears. Despite the relatively low price, Optoma went all-out and used aluminum for the casings. They’re tough, durable, and splash-resistant, making them great for exercise."

Gadget Speak
Gadget Speak
July 2016

“I was perfectly happy with the sound quality and I tested it with a range of music styles from my carefully gathered set of files."

"There was good stereo separation and even hard to discern female voices had clarity.”

“I left my phone on my desk and moved a couple of rooms – solid walls – away before the signal started to breakup. Most people’s phones never get further away from them than their desk. I liked the buds and the ease of linking to my Smartphone was a big plus. Of course on subsequent occasions just start your music and the buds start receiving with no additional pairing required.”
June 2016

"The freshly launched NuForce BE6i wireless earbuds are another solid pick with metal build, top-notch sound quality, and great battery life. The earbuds can magnetically attach to each other, thus allowing users to not worry about losing them when they are not jamming."
June 2016

“They’re the first wireless in-ear headphones I’ve used with sound that’s comparable to wired headphones.”

“The fully aluminum headphones are both sturdy and water-resistant, so they’re capable of handling repeated trips to  the gym.”

“These are the best workout headphones I’ve ever used. They sound as good as any gym-worthy models that plugged into a phone, but the wireless Bluetooth capabilities make a huge difference when you’re on the treadmill or the weight machines. If you work out or run more than a couple of times a week, the BE6i would be a great investment.”
June 2016

“The NuForce BE6i uses aptX, currently the best way to transmit via Bluetooth, and that’s already going to improve the sound. If you need to connect wirelessly, make sure your playback device supports aptX, and consider the BE6i for good bass and a solid build.”
June 2016

“The BE6i doesn’t just look impressive, it features an IPX5 water and dust resistance rating, making it perfect company for your sweaty, high-impact workouts.”

"I’ll spare you my waxing poetic about how great Bluetooth 4+ paired with aptX compression is...But the fact that the BE6i has it is truly state of the art."

"The battery life on the BE6i is also impressive, rated at a full 8 hours."

“after spending significant time with the BE6i, I can fully recommend it to any who is interested in a quality affordable IEM. The aluminum earpieces make rugged armor for the relatively large drivers inside. The unit is clearly built to last, and should provide years of faithful service.”
June 2016

“I tested them on runs, workouts, and even on my daily commute. The battery life and sound driver quality add up to a listening experience that accomplishes what it set out to do: provide high-quality sound in an active, capable package at a relatively affordable price point."

“Not only did I find my annoyances of running with corded headphones alleviated, I actually found pleasure in using the BE6i’s...The battery lasted as promised, and the audio quality was up there with some of the best wireless buds I’ve tested. In other words, I was satisfied. An active life that can be lived cord free? It’s reality, and it’s music to my ears.”
June 2016

“Banging Bluetooth earbuds lose the wires without sacrificing sound”

“they’re fantastic-sounding, good-looking in-ear headphones without the cord issue.”

“These Bluetooth earbuds also sound surprisingly good.”

“They faithfully reproduce rock and EDM music equally well, and have enough bass and mid- to high-range that I never felt like I had to mess with the EQ settings on my iPhone or Mac.”
June 2016

"These headphones are durable as hell! I put them through some pretty aggressive tests while using them ranging from dropping them on concrete multiple times and taking a few steps on them to simulate ‘accidentally’ stepping on them if they fell off while running. I even wore them into the shower to test the water resistance..."

"If you want a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones and you want to use them for working out, I absolutely suggest this pair. Especially when paired with the Comply foam eartips, they stayed in my ears well and only required a few adjustments during especially long and impact heavy exercises. These could also be great for hiking and camping because of their water resistance."
June 2016

“With the right ear tips, the sound is accurate and crisp. Even when there was a knock on a door during a scene, I would turn around to make sure it’s not actually happening in real life.”

“The Bluetooth range was also pretty impressive.”

“Overall, these BE6i in-ear headphones sound like the real deal. It could be because this is a second generation version of a good pair of wireless earphones.”
June 2016

“Optoma NuForce BE6i wireless in-ear headphones review: You won't believe they're Bluetooth “

“I was very pleased with the BE6i’s performance as a Bluetooth headset”

“I was even more satisfied with their musical performance, considering the price. Those single 10mm drivers did a remarkable job of presenting the full spectrum of sound.”

“If you’re in the market for wireless in-ear headphones that can pull double duty for listening to music and handling phone calls, the NuForce BE6i are a very good choice, delivering plenty of value and performance for the money.”
June 2016

“…they deliver very good performance for $129. Part of that can be attributed to their support for the AptX codec.”

“The BE6i are probably more water resistant than they need to be, with an ingress protection rating of IPX5. That means they’re protected from water jets, so they’d probably survive if you forgot to take them out before you hit the shower after a workout.”

“I was very pleased with the BE6i’s performance as a Bluetooth headset. People on the other end of the line said my voice came across clearly… Music paused quickly when incoming calls came in, and the buttons for answering and terminating calls worked quickly and reliably.”
June 2016

"This catchy tune is an insider tip."

"The Bluetooth-enabled NuForce BE6i in-ear headphones inspires with a superb and balanced sound quality. The NuForce model is not just a nice-sounding catchy tune, but it also looks chic."

"It impresses in connection with an iPhone6 or iMAC with a fantastic sound quality. Thereby benefiting that the Nuforce BE6i supports AAC-Codec which is the favorite audio codec of iTunes."

"…in total, it affords no significant weaknesses and taking the moderate selling price of around 130 €, for me it is definitely an insider tip under the Bluetooth headphones…"

Owner reviews

Verified Review
Brilliant wireless earphones
Rob Baker, Bedford : United Kingdom, September 2016.Purchased from Amazon
I bought these to use in the gym and for my daily commute. I love them! Really easy to pair with the mobile and the battery life lasts for ages. I also paired with my iPad to watch movies and the sound quality is great! Awesome set. Would recommend.
Verified Review
Stylish looking headphones
Andy Talbot, Brighton : United Kingdom, November 2016.Purchased from Optoma
These looked perfect for my needs, no dangling cables to my device, not too big and cumbersome, great battery life and easy to charge off a micro USB, which there's always one lying around, and to top it off they sound great too.
Verified Review
Great Headphones
Stuart Murray, Dartford : United Kingdom, November 2016.Purchased from Optoma
Having recently received my BE6i nuForce headphones I was immediately impressed by the quality and design of the packaging, something that is mirrored in the design of the product itself. The sheer volume of different sized earbuds ensure a quality and comfortable fit. They are beautiful in their simplistic design and benefit from some lovely touches. I especially love the magnets that ensure you can safely secure them around your neck when they are not in use. Their lightweight feel mean they are great for use at the gym (and the lack of lead has allayed my fears of knocking my phone off the treadmill whilst running) but are equally great to use when I'm watching Netflix on the sofa and don't want to disrupt anyone else from watching the telly! The lightweight feel has not caused any loss of sound quality, which has really impressed me from the outset.
Verified Review
great for working out
mark tutt, london : United Kingdom, November 2016.Purchased from optoma direct
Wanted headphones that could carry enough bass and volume to drown out the gym speakers. These do it very well. Using the ear wings they stay in during my whole workout, even handstands. The bluetooth is stronger than any headphones i have used before. i can leave my phone in the corner of the gym and just wander around with no loss of connection at all. Sound quality is excellent. I do find tho on longer usage that they feel a little uncomfortable. i have small ears canals and have to use the smallest buds. would like to use the self moulding buds but they wont stay in properly. Overall i am very pleased with them.
Verified Review
D.Sm, Co . Antrim : United Kingdom, November 2016.Purchased from Optoma
I've tried out various earphones, and have never found the perfect ones, until now!! The sound and quality are absolutely fantastic - watching movies and listening to music has never been so good, they are so light and look incredible too!! 10/10


Supported codecs
HSP 1.2, HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4 , APT-X, AAC,
Operating range
30 metres (98 feet)
Connections control
IPX5 certified Multi function inline remote
Battery life
Up to 8 hours


Input impedance
20 Ohms
Frequency response
20Hz to 20kHz
95dB +/-3dB at 1KHz
Power supply
Lithium-ion battery, Cylindrical Type, Typical 3.7V/80mAh
Power consumption
15mA at A2DP mode, speaker output 75dB SPL
Connector type
Cable length
Driver unit
10 mm
20 Ohm
Connections input
Bluetooth V4.1+EDR Compliant
Connections output
In ear speakers
Connections control
IPX5 certified Multi function inline remote
Driver type
Number of driver(s)
Inline remote
Multi functional, phone, transport, volume, pairing, voice prompts activation
Battery life
Up to 8 hours

Wireless information

Wireless type
Bluetooth 2.4Ghz V4.1 +EDR compliant
Supported codecs
HSP 1.2, HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4 , APT-X, AAC,
Devices memorised
Operating range
30 metres (98 feet)
Connection mode
Bluetooth 2.4Ghz V4.1 +EDR compliant

Weight and dimensions

0lb 0.7oz

In the box

Standard accessories
4 x pairs proprietary NuForce silicone ear tips (XS, S, M, L)
2 x pairs Comply foam ear tips (M, L)
1 x pair ear wings
1 x USB charging cable (USB A-USB micro)
1 x carry case
1 x cable management clip
Basic user's guide, Safety booklet


Grey and Gold
Full specifications


Verified owner