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BE Sport3
Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

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BE Sport3Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

Stay motivated when you're pushing yourself to the limits with the BE Sport3 Bluetooth in-ear headphones. Lightweight, durable design and custom ear tips keep them securely in place no matter how vigorous your workout – without the distraction of wires. In addition, wireless means a future fit to smartphones that don’t include an audio jack.


Incredible 10 hour battery life - Non-stop listening on-the-go
Ultimate fitness accessory - Rain, sweat and dust resistant (IP55-rated)
Maximum comfort and perfect fit – Interchangeable ear tips and ear wings with multiple colour and size options
Revolutionary SpinFit TwinBlade® ear tips – Custom made for superior stability, noise isolation and a secure fit

Ultimate training partner

The durable design makes the BE Sport3 resistant to rain, sweat and dust (IP55-rated) so the perfect partner whether they’re used in the gym, out hitting the road or the hills.

Non-stop music and calls

The BE Sport3 can survive even the most intense training session with an impressive ten-hour battery life - ideal for audio on the move.

Wireless freedom

Free your workout from cables with advanced Bluetooth® technology offering both aptX® and AAC compatibility. This means easy connection to your smartphone and distortion-free listening at any volume.

Sensational sound on the go

  • aptX® - Listen to CD-quality music wirelessly in much higher quality than offered from the standard Bluetooth codec. aptX is supported by the latest Android, Apple and Windows smartphones, Macs and PCs.
  • AAC - Hear every detail when using your iPhone, iPad, or other devices, to listen to music or streaming audio.

Lightweight and portable design

Crafted from metal and polycarbonate, the BE Sport3 are tough and lightweight so you’ll be able to power through any workout.

Match your style

Available in gunmetal and rose gold, the BE Sport3 come with multiple color and size options for the ear tips and wings.

Maximum comfort and perfect fit

For optimal fit and comfort, the BE Sport3 feature an angled design and include a cable management clip, and multiple sets of ear tips and wings.

Revolutionary SpinFit TwinBlade® ear tips

The newly patented ear tips are developed from high quality silicone. They are uniquely designed to keep the earbuds securely in place during strenuous activity.


Expert reviews

February 2017

“Really nicely made and produce a very good quality audio”

“I really like the lightweight design”

“Nice quality audio pick-up from the microphone”

“Optoma do a really nice job of both the build quality and finishing in their earphones.”

“These produce a really good quality audio.  They produce a nice and smooth sound and detailed audio”

January 2017

“The Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 is the best pair of  running headphones at the moment.

"They're comfortable, sound excellent, they're very light and well weighted, and the battery life of 8-10 hours is pretty impressive, considering their tiny size. 

“If you're a runner or gym goer who demands decent audio, lightness, comfort and an unshakeable fit, the Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 is right at the top of the heap.”

“These are easily good enough to use as day-to-day headphones, with fantastic clarity and plenty of bass.”

Gadget Speak
Gadget Speak
January 2017

“They are stated to last up to ten hours between charges and I managed this on one occasion, another was slightly more but a third test was around twenty minutes less so ten hours is a fair average.”

“Sound quality throughout the range was consistent.”

T3 Middle East
T3 Middle East
January 2017

“The ear buds are easy to wear and with it comes a plethora of various ear tips that should suit every user.”

“Sound quality was definitely spot on. Trebles were clear and no distortion was heard even when I played music in high volumes. Bass could be deeper, but it still emulated a detailed low frequency response.

“But the best part of the NuForce BE Sport3 is the fact that it manages to give me about 10 hours of playback time just from a single charge!

“The NuForce BE Sport3 brings decent audio output fit for the active user. It may be light on features, but it manages to bring a great aural experience.”

The Inquirer
The Inquirer
December 2016

“Optoma has already wowed us with a pair of £350 earbuds this year but what to make of this more modest set aimed at sports? Well first and foremost, they are designed to be ridiculously comfortable, coming as they do with a huge range of earbuds and holders so you can pretty much mix and match for any year. The sound is a little bassy, but that's what you want when you're running and that's the real market for these headphones. For comfort alone they're massively recommendable, though perhaps a little steep in price. They also come with a lovely little pouch which can go on your keys or belt loops. A nice touch.”
November 2016

“The metal and polycarbonate build combined with the flat connector cables (no tangles) and brightly colored accessories make for an attractive look as well.”

“For the price, you get decent sound and the freedom of wireless Bluetooth audio. They’re comfortable, customizable, water resistant, and, according to my 14-year-old, they’re pretty cool too.”

November 2016

If you want a comfortable, high quality pair of bluetooth headphones at a good price these are a great choice and the best sub hundred pound pair of headphones I’ve ever used. Highly recommended.

At £80 the Sport3’s are priced over the cheapest available bluetooth headphones available but are so wildly better specced than those headphones they’re not really comparable.  Looking directly at other headsets with similar specifications and build quality and the Sport3’s are priced more economically than most of their rivals. In particular I wasn’t able to find any with a comparable battery life and form factor for anywhere near the same price.

HIFi Headphones
HIFi Headphones
November 2016

“The earphones are superbly designed."

“NuForce have produced not only a great feeling earphone with superb build quality but the sound will easily challenge its wired competitors."

“Bass has the right amount of presence and punch to keep things exciting without being over-powering. Mid-range is uncluttered and clear with great definition and edge. And up top the treble provides plenty of energy and space with any fatigue or sibilance."

“I am struggling to find something wrong with these earphones. They are the best I’ve heard so far. And for the price they’d be a no-brainer for anybody looking to go wireless."
November 2016

Best for: Everyday wear
"The Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 headphones look stylish enough to wear around town (they come in multiple colors), yet functional enough to remain in place during any workout, even HIIT. The double-tip earbud helps them stay secure — just pick the size that best fits you (you’ll get a few in your pack). When fully charged, they also have a 10-hour battery life, which is longer than the typical six to eight."

November 2016

Awarded: very good

“Comfortable. Sonorous. Brilliant.”

“The must-have for the trend conscious athletes. Stylish, top sound and in every position they become one with the ear.”
November 2016

“The mids and highs were full of life and texture, and increased audio quality made our workouts a pleasure.”

“The sound quality is helped along by the tight seal from the multiple choices of tips, proving once again that if you get the basics right, the rest will follow. For the amount of money these cost ($79 on Amazon) you really are getting more than you pay for.”

“If you’re in the market for a pair of wireless workout earbuds, you should strongly consider these. They get the job done in just about every way.”
November 2016

“Optoma has developed special ear tips called ‘SpinFit TwinBlade’. They sound like a super weapon for an action figure…but the function is really good.  With these special ear tips and stabilizers, the NuForce BE Sport3 fits perfectly in the ear during a 60 minute run. Why has no other manufacturer ever come up with such a solution?”

"The NuForce model is more elegantly designed, and thanks to stabilizing wings and special ear tips, it offers more possibilities to find a stable fit even during sporting activities. It is also better protected against dust and water.”
November 2016

"For exercise and running, fit is excellent and they’re very comfortable to wear for one to two hours at a time. Battery life is good enough to cover about a week’s worth of workouts, so they aren’t something you’ll have to constantly be charging, either."

"Optoma has gotten an IP55 rating for the BE Sport3, protecting them against rain, sweat, and dust...And, like on the BE6i, the ends of both housings are magnetic and can be stuck together when not in use. One last cool touch is that the tips come out from the housings at an angle — this helps prevent the housings from extending too far out from your ear."
November 2016

"If you’re looking for a great set of workout headphones, the BE Sport3 should be a no-brainer candidate. Heck, even if you’re just flat out looking for a good pair of headphones under $100, they’re easy to recommend on sound quality alone, wireless or not. Add in solid build quality, great isolation, a stable fit, and excellent battery life, and the BE Sport3 become a tremendous deal at $79."
November 2016

“Optoma’s NuForce BE Sport3 wireless in-ear headphones offer incredible value for $79. They pair easily to two devices at once, remember those pairings when you use the phone or tablet again the next time, offer ten-hour battery life and sound as good as any other in-ear headphones I’ve heard that cost less than $100. Oh, and they have an IP55 water, sweat and dust resistance rating, so they’re perfect for working out.”
November 2016

"We’ve had up-and-down experiences with Bluetooth earbuds in the past, but came away stunned at how good these sounded. Particularly, it was the lows that came through far better than we anticipated, suggesting that the bass-loving crowd may want to take a look at these before plunking down more on anything with a Beats logo on it."

"At this price point, the BE Sport3 obviously aren’t aiming for audiophile-grade sound, but you’ll get a better balance with these buds than some models that are double the price."

"The main takeaway is the fact they sound good and don’t wiggle too much. That’s what sporty Bluetooth earbuds should do, and we would have no problem choosing these as our running companions."
October 2016

“Once you have them on, they are among some of the best ear wings I’ve tried in terms of staying put.”

“Seriously great set of in-ear headphones for runners and fitness freaks at a seriously great price.”
October 2016

"I was quite impressed at how low it went when the bass was really picking up. This is definitely an unexpected "wow"."

"Vocals were seamless or maybe I should say they felt as if I was listening to someone across from me in the office. My overall experience with NuForce BE Sport3 is a good one and for that matter."

"The BE Sport3 are a nice alternative to what you'll find in-store. They are meant for the people who are active and need to keep focus while exercising."
October 2016

"Speaking of sports, with the right ear buds and if necessary an ear wing, the headphones sit securely and firmly in the ear and do not slip out of the ear even with strong or long lasting shocks…"
October 2016

“With its revolutionary SpinFit TwinBlade earbuds, the Optoma NuForce BE Sport3’s are a deeply satisfying pair of headphones to listen to for hours at a time, and won’t ever slip out during especially sweaty workout sessions.”

"With the help of the TwinBlade silicone tips, the drivers for the Sport 3’s rest almost directly next to your eardrum, with bass that resonates through from the front of the ear canal to the back to create an immediate, punchy sound that I haven’t found on any other pair of Bluetooth headphones to date."
October 2016

“After a good workout, I realized that I didn’t need to adjust my BE Sport3 headphones once! I almost forgot they were there, because of the great fit. I wasn’t fumbling with any wires, and they are so lightweight, too!”

"Since the battery lasts up to 10 hours, I didn’t have to charge mine until the end of the week.”

“I also had no problems with interference, either. I placed my phone on a bench and was able to walk around a good amount of the gym, through all the equipment, and maintained super quality sound!”

“With such an exceptional pair of headphones, you’d think the price tag would be sky high…but it’s not! At only $79, these headphones are an excellent deal.”
October 2016

“They are, beyond a doubt, one of the best wireless headphones on the market and I wholeheartedly recommend them for anyone who wants a pair of wireless earbuds that do it all.”

“NuForce knocked it out of the park with the BE Sport3 headphones. They’re an incredible value for a pair of wireless headphones that sound good, last all day, have a bulletproof build and incredible noise isolation. While they’re not the most dynamic or resolving headphones, NuForce shows us that the future of wireless headphones is a bright one.”

October 2016

“The NuForce BE Sport3 features excellent sound, build quality and battery life. Overall, they're one of the best wireless headphones you can buy, even if you don't work out.”

"NuForce knocked it out of the park with the BE Sport3 headphones. They're an incredible value for a pair of wireless headphones that sound good, last all day, have a bulletproof build and incredible noise isolation."
October 2016

"As someone who is constantly moving around on a fast-paced schedule, this is a great earpiece to transition from day-to-day activities to serious workouts."

"The earbuds are able to stay in place during the most intense exercises – including running and CrossFit."

"Surprisingly, after using this during a 10-mile jog, the ears, with wings, remained in place and absorbed all the surrounding sound. It was comfortable even with the tough terrain."


0lb 0.5oz
Supported codecs
HSP 1.2, HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4 , aptX, AAC SBC, aptX,
Battery life
up to 10 hours


Maximum sampling rate
Bit resolution
Frequency response
94dB +/-3dB/mW
Connector type
Cable length
Driver unit
16 Ohm
Volume control
In-line remote
Connections input
Bluetooth V 4.1
Driver type
Number of driver(s)
Inline remote
Sync, Play, Pause, Mute, Prev. Track, Next Track, answer, hange up, activat/de activate voice prompts
Battery life
up to 10 hours

Wireless information

Wireless type
Bluetooth V 4.1
Supported codecs
HSP 1.2, HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4 , aptX, AAC SBC, aptX,
Wireless frequency
Operating range
10m (30ft.)

Weight and dimensions

0lb 0.5oz

In the box

Standard accessories
3 pairs Silicon tips (S, M, L)
1 pair custom made Spinfit TwinBlade tips
3 pairs ear-wings, 3 colors, 2 sizes each (M,L)
USB A - USB micro charging cable
Cable tensioner
Carrying Pouch
Safety booklet
Quick set up guide/Basic user's manual


Rose Gold, Gunmetal
Full specifications


Verified owner
BE Sport3