Quick Adjusting, Universal Projector Pole Mount


The OCM815W White Universal Projector Pole Mount is ideal for high ceilings. Easy to set up with its unique design gives you everything you need for quick adjustment, the flexibility to fit almost any projector and hassle free projector maintenance. It’s the perfect universal projector pole mount.


Projector compatibility chart:

DH1011 HD200X S300 TX615
DS325 HD20-LV S303 TX631-3D
DS346 HD2200 S316 TX7156
DS550 HD23 TH1020 TX762
DW326e HD25 TH1060P TX765W
DX346 HD25e TS551 TX779P-3D
DX550 HD25-LV TS556 TX785
EH1020 HD30B TW1692 W301
EH300 HD33 TW330 W303
EH415 HD3300 TW536 W304M
EH500 HD66 TW556 W316
EH501 HD8300 TW612-3D W401
EH503 HD90 TW615-3D W415
EH505 HD91 TW631-3D W501
GT750 ML1000 TW762 W505
GT750B ML1000P TW766W X301
GT750E ML800 TW775 X303
GT760 PRO150X TX536 X304M
H180X PRO160S TX542 X316
HD131X PRO250X TX542-3D X401
HD131Xe PRO260X TX551 X501
HD131Xw PRO350W TX556 X600
HD20 PRO360W TX612 X605
Tilt Adjustment +/-30° Rotation, +/-20° pitch and roll
Adjustable Height 22.7" – 32.5" (576 mm ~ 826 mm)
Max Load 33 lb (15 kg)
Product Weight 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)
Product Dimensions (W x H x D) 8.0” x 36” x 7.6” (203 x 914 x 193 mm)
Warranty 90-Day Limited Warranty
UPC 796435 04 123 6

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